onsdag 25 juni 2008

Chalks och Kiropraktorn

Tog ett test om vad jag är för scrappbookingsak =) Resultatet finns nedan och en länk till testet om någon vill prova.


You are CHALKS!You take a soft approach to life. You don't really want to stand out, you'd rather blend in with the crowd. You do not like confrontations and try to smooth others edges. People may underappreciate your warm way of bringing things together in harmony. You are able to bring others together and are great at team building when working in groups. Beware Chalk - you may find yourself stuck in a supportive role in a relationship that you would rather have more of a say in and may have trouble expressing your opinions. Don't be afraid to stand up and show your true colors when others ask, otherwise you may just fade into the background.

En del saker kanske stämmer =) *haha*

Annars har jag varit på stan idag och käkat lunch med sambo och svärmor, Hugo käkade lunch han också. Efter lunch var jag till kiropraktorn och blev lite tillrättaknäckt... under tiden gick Hugo på stan med sin farmor.

Ikväll är det pysselkväll hos Rita, ska bli kul! Får se vad jag ska hitta på... Resultatet hamnar ju här så småningom.

Ha dä!

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Rita sa...

Haha, jag blev en Sticker!

You like brightening things up in life and decorating your living space with your own personal style. You are versatile and able to get things done with a stick-to-it attitude. People love your colorful personality and personal flair! You like exploring new things and are willing to try anything once. But Stickers beware - sometimes you like to stick to someone that you like a little too much and take them into your confidence a little too easily. Your personality tends to make you a steadfast friend, but make sure the friends you choose are worth your efforts!

Jojo, en del saker kanske stämmer... *ler*

Vi ses ikväll!
Kram Rita